Cinematography and Film

Advertisements, Film, Television, and Special Events

UAVs provide flexible, high quality production shots with significantly less time and setup costs.  They can achieve shots that would otherwise be highly difficult or impossible compared to conventional aerial or motion production methods.  

We provide two experienced operators to optimize the visual experience. One to control the UAV, and the other to operate the camera with each having their own controls 

Construction and Engineering

Agriculture, Land Development, Construction and Engineering

Monitor crops, get high-quality aerial images of development sites, track construction progress, perform regular inspections of elevated equipment and towers with detailed close-up views and much more.

UAVs operated by two experienced personnel and equipped with a combination of high resolution infrared, 3D, and zoom capable cameras will capture the level of detail you require. 

Promotion and Real Estate

Real Estate, Tourism, Golf Courses and Communities.

Our UAVs carry professional quality high resolution cameras for use in promotional projects so that you can get outstanding aerial photos and video providing your potential clients with a compelling unique perspective picture of your offering.

We provide you with complete, cost-effective aerial photo and video options so that you can gain a competitive edge in the market.

For all your aerial photography and video needs.

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Why Air Media Services?


Air Media Services has over 20 years experience flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including winged and rotor  (copter) aircraft in      Canada.  Since 2011 when early rotor-based UAVs became more advanced, our key pilot has amassed over 400 hours of flight time becoming a trainer for other enthusiasts.  As a result, we are able to navigate and control our aircraft with precision to provide you with stunning aerial results in more challenging environments.


Transport Canada demands strict adherence to safety and operational standards. Our pilots are fully qualified and trained according to Transport Canada guidelines for flight operator knowledge and procedures.

We maintain thorough, strict operational and maintenance procedures to ensure safety and efficiency during all flights .  We exceed Transport Canada requirements for liability insurance with full coverage up to $1 Million dollars.

Air Media Services has been approved by Transport Canada for a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate for flight anywhere in Ontario, allowing us to fly in many locations on short notice otherwise restricted for commercial purposes. 

  The Right Vehicle for the Project:

We have been designing and testing UAVs for 15 years.  As a result we are able to optimize the UAV in order to achieve maximum performance to meet unique demands of the flight area and the project.  With a selection of payload options including hi-resolution 4K, and zoom cameras along with highly stable gimbals we guarantee stunning results!

Ottawa, Ontario

  Aerial Video, Photography,

 3D Modeling/Mapping